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Z3032X10 Radial Drilling Machine



Drilling Machine Features:
The radial drilling machine model Z3032,Z3040,Z3050, Z3063, Z3080 is a new series with diversified functions of product which has been designed and accomplished referring to the intermational standards (ISO) CE in the recent years. In this machine, hydraulic preselection speed and feed change mechanisms are adopted.
The spindle head, radial arm and columns are clamped by the hydraulic clamping mechanisms, and the forward, reverse, stop (braking), as well as the setting of spindle in neutral position are all controlled by a single-lever, the machine has the characteristic features of perfect performance, safe, reliable and easy operation, convenient maintenance, high accuracy, ample rigidity and long service life. It is used for drilling, counter boring, spot facing, reaming, tapping and boring. It is the machine widely used in every department of mechanical machining.

Drilling Machine Technical Parameters:

Model Unit Z3032×10
Max. Drilling diameter mm Steel Φ32   iron Φ32
Tensile strength Mpa 500-600
Column diameter mm 200
Distance between spindle centerline and column mm 200-910
Horizontal moving distance of spindle box mm 710
Distance from Spindle nose to base surface mm 330-1060
Rocker arm lift distance mm 730
Spindle travel mm 120
Spindle taper   Morse 4
Spindle speeds R/min 108  162  262  398  665  1000
Spindle feeder Mm/r 0.10  0.16  0.25
Maximum feed resistance of Spindle allows  N   5300
Rocker arm lifting speed M/min 1.21
Swing angle of rocker arm ° + 180
Spindle motor power kw 1.5/2.2
Liftting motor kw 0.55
Coolant power kw 0.04
Net weight kg 1080
Machine size mm 1400×660×2060

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