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CD6241/CD6246 Lathe Machine


Metal Lathe Product Features:
1. Chrome Molybdenum headstock gears are hardened and ground
2. Universal gearbox allows inch, metric, diametral, and module pitch threads without changing gears
3. High quality ANSI Class 50 waer-resistant bed ways are hardened and ground 
4. Removable Gap allows up to larger diameter workpiece
5. Attractive chrome-plated control levers, dials and knobs complete this impressive package
6 D1-6 spindle is precisely ground for accuracy and supported by high quality spindle bearings
7. Large easy to use foot brake

Random attachments:
2·Cool down                                         
3·3-jaw chuck + tray
4·Reducing sleeve
5·Oil gun
7·Baffle plate

Optional accessories:
2· 4-claw chuck + tray
3·Flower plate
4. Center frame
5·with knife holder
6. Live top
7. Spring screw guard
8. Digital display
9. Taper model

Metal Lathe Technical Parameters:
Model C6241D×1000 C6241D×1500 C6246D×1000 C6246D×1500
Swing over bed Φ410mm(16") Φ460mm(18")
Swing over cross slide Φ224mm(8 13/16") Φ274mm(10 3/4")
Swing in gap(D×W) 640mm×218mm 690mm×218mm
Height of center 205mm(8 5/64") 230mm(9 1/16")
Distance between centers 1015mm/1515mm 1015mm/1515mm
Width of bed 300mm(11 3/4") 300mm(11 3/4")
Max. section of cutting tool 25mm×25mm(1"×1") 25mm×25mm(1"×1")
Total travel of cross slide 290mm(11 3/8") 290mm(11 3/8")
Total travel of top slide 120mm(4 3/4") 120mm(4 3/4")
Spindle bore Φ82mm(3 1/4") Φ82mm(3 1/4")
Spindle nose D1-8 D1-8
Spindle morse taper in nose,in sleeve ME90/M.T.#5 ME90/M.T.#5
Spindle speeds number 12 12
Spindle speeds range 25-2000 R.P.M 25-2000 R.P.M
Leadscrew diameter&thread 35mm(1 3/8")×4 T.P.I or pitch 6mm 35mm(1 3/8")×4 T.P.I or pitch 6mm
Threads imperial pithches 4-112(50 NOS) 4-112(50 NOS)
Threads metric pithches 0.25-7(24 NOS) 0.25-7(24 NOS)
Diametral pitches DP/DP 4-112(50 NOS) 4-112(50 NOS)
Diametral pitches MP/MP 0.25-14(34 NOS) 0.25-14(34 NOS)
Longitudinal feeds(imperial/metric) 0.0011"-0.0316"(50Nos)/0.01mm-0.286mm(50Nos) 0.0011"-0.0316"(50Nos)/0.01mm-0.286mm(50Nos)
Cross feeds(imperial/metric) 0.00024"-0.0068"(50Nos)/0.01mm-0.286mm(50Nos) 0.00024"-0.0068"(50Nos)/0.01mm-0.286mm(50Nos)
Total travel of tailstock quill 120mm(4 3/4") 120mm(4 3/4")
Tails stock quill Φ60mm(2 3/8") Φ60mm(2 3/8")
Taper tailstock quill M.T.#4 M.T.#4
Spindle drive motor 7.33HP(5.5KW) 7.33HP(5.5KW)
Coolant pump motor 4/75HP(0.04KW) 4/75HP(0.04KW)
Machine dimension 88"×36"×49"/110"×36"×49" 88"×36"×51"/110"×36"×51"
Packing dimension 93"×39"×62"/114"×39"×62" 93"×39"×64"/114"×39"×64"
N.W 1680KG/2010KG 1730KG/2060KG
G.W 1930KG/2260KG 1980KG/2310KG

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