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CA6140X1500 Lathe Machine


Metal Lathe CA6140 Product Features:
1. Machine headstock and bed. Tail seat. Manually scrape the tray between the joints. The machine has been rigorously tested to ensure the accuracy and stability of the machine.
2. The machine tool uses high-strength cast iron and adds special materials such as copper and chrome. The bed rail width is 400mm and the bed rail quenching depth is 4mm, which effectively improves the wear resistance and stability of the machine tool.
3, head bed box lubrication using cycloidal pump for cyclic forced lubrication. It protects the headboard from the clean and heat-dissipating properties of the hot southern weather, effectively extending the life of bearings and gears.
4. The machine tool spindle adopts Wafangdian bearing, the spindle through hole is φ52mm, and the machine tool gear adopts precision grinding, which effectively improves the gear hardness and reduces the machine noise.
5. The machine tool adopts domestic brand screws, and the silk mother adopts high-quality bronze alloy to ensure wear resistance and precise maintenance.
6. The machine tool adopts four-station high-strength tool holder. The tool holder size is 25x25mm.

Metal Lathe CA6140 Standard accessories:
1.3-jaw chuck
2.center¢re sleeve
4.oil gun
5.operation manual

Metal Lathe CA6140 Optional accessories:
1.Steady rest
2.Follower rest
3.4-jaw chuck
4.Face plate
5.Thread chasing dial
6.Longitudinal automatic trip
7.Live center
8.Quick change toolpost
9.Taper copy ruler
10.4-position longitudinal trip
Metal Lathe CA6240 Technical Parameters:
Specifications CA6140/CA6240
Max.Swing over bed 400mm
Max.Swing over carriage 210mm
Max.Swing in gap 630mm
Effective gap length 210mm
Max.Length of work piece 750mm-40000mm
Width of bed 400mm
Section of turning tool 25×25mm
Spindle speeds 10-1400rpm/16-1400rpm(24 steps)
Hole through spindle 52mm,(80mm),[105mm]
Spindle taper Mohs 6(MT6)(Ф90 1∶20)[Ф113 1∶20]
Number of feeds 64Species(kinds)(for each)
Range of metric threads(kinds) (1-192mm)44Species(44 kinds)
Range of inch threads(kinds) (2-24tpi)21Species(21 kinds)
Range of module threads(kinds) 0.25-48(Modulus39Species)(Module 39 kinds)
  Range of pitch threads(kinds) 1-96DP(37Species)(37kinds)
  Max.Tail stock spindle travel 150mm
Tail stock spindle diameter 75mm
Taper of tail stock spindle center hole Mohs5(MT5)
Main motor 7.5KW(10HP)
Overall dimensions for750mm 2550×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for1000mm 2700×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for1500mm 3200×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for2000mm 3700×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for2200mm 4030×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for3000mm 4850×1140×1750
Overall dimensions for4000mm 5800×1140×1750
Weight for 750mm 2100
Weight for 1000mm 2190
Weight for 1500mm 2350
Weight for 2000mm 2720
Weight for 2200mm 2800
Weight for 3000mm 3300
Weight for 4000mm 3500

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