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CAK6140*2000 CNC Lathe Machine


CNC Lathe Application:
CK6140/750 CNC Lathe Machine/ Cheap Mini CNC Lathe machine used in electrical appliances, instrumentation equipment industry, automobile, motorcycle accessories, fastener bearings, photographic equipment, film machinery, hardware watches and clocks, glasses, cultural and educational supplies, electrical machinery, valves, gas pipe fittings and other high-precision complex parts manufacturing, cnc lathe machine prices is the hardware and mechanical processing industry the most efficient and efficient equipment.
CNC Lathe Features:
1,New Mini Hobby CNC Lathe Brand Machining Prices CK6140 cnc lathe machine is a high-speed, high precision, high reliability of CNC machine tools. Bed, bed, bed and other major components are made of high-strength materials from casting, to ensure long-term use of the stability of the machine.
2, New Mini Hobby CNC Lathe Brand Machining Prices CK6140 the use of flat bed structure, high-grade rail quenching, and paste plastic precision scraping research, the machine location of high precision, chip smooth, suitable for high-precision machining.
3, New Mini Hobby CNC Lathe Brand Machining Prices CK6140 with high precision and high rigidity spindle, variable frequency spindle motor. Spindle in the constant temperature indoor assembly, assembled after 72 hours of continuous running, the machine after 72 hours of continuous trial run to ensure high-speed high-precision performance and reliable.
4, New Mini Hobby CNC Lathe Brand Machining Prices CK6140 the choice of 4-station vertical electric knife way, tool change speed, high positioning accuracy.
5, New Mini Hobby CNC Lathe Brand Machining Prices CK6140 X, Z direction of the feed using C3-class precision ball screw, servo motor through a large torque low inertia imported elastic coupling and screw lead, screw support with pre-tension structure, to eliminate the transmission backlash and advance The use of advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, timing, quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, stable and reliable operation. The use of advanced automatic lubrication equipment, timing, quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, stable and reliable.
6, New Mini Hobby CNC Lathe Brand Machining Prices CK6140 protection with full protection design, pleasant, beautiful and unique, waterproof and reliable, easy to maintain

CNC Lathe Technical Parameter:

Model CK6140
Max swing over bed 400mm
Max swing over cross slide 180mm
Max processing lenght 750/1000/1500/2000mm
X/Z axis travel X:240 Z:750/1000/1500/2000mm
Spindle transmission type Mechanical two gear speed
Spindle speed step In gear variable speed
Spindle speed L :70-560 H:200-1600
Spindle nose C6
Spindle bore 52mm
Spindle taper MT6
Spindle motor 5.5kw
Chuck size 200mm
Ball screw dia and pitch 2506/4008
X/Z axis feed motor torque X:4Nm  Z:6Nm
X/Z rapid traverse X:6mm/min  Z:8mm/min
X/Z axis repeatabilty +/-0.005mm
Processing accuracy IT6-IT7
Workpiece surface roughness Ral.6
Tailstock quill dia 65mm
Quill travel 140mm
Quill taper MT4
Tool post type 4-position electric turret
Cutting tool size 20x20mm
Guide form One shan one flat
Total power capacity 10KVA
Machine dimension 2500x1500x1650mm
N/weight 1800kg

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